Can I Get Auto Insurance Coverage with My Horrible Driving Record?

Whether you have a horrible driving record because you’ve been involved in multiple car accidents, you’ve had several citations, or even a DWI, you likely still need to drive to get to and from work and school. Having a bad driving record in Easton, MD can leave many people without options, and you might be wondering if you can get auto insurance with a horrible driving record. 

Is Your Driver’s License Still Valid?

Many people have embarrassing driving records but who can still obtain auto insurance coverage. As long as your driver’s license is still valid, an insurance agency will provide you with coverage. Coverage for people with several points can be expensive, especially if you’ve had a DWI. 

The Driver Improvement Program

The state of Maryland offers a driver improvement program for eligible individuals. This program allows you to take a course, and upon completion, points will be removed from your driving record. If your driver’s license is invalid due to too many points, you might want to contact your local DMV to inquire about this program if it hasn’t been offered. If you’re eligible for the program and you’re able to have some points removed, you’ll be required to pay certain fines and fees to have your driver’s license reinstated. 

As you can see, in some situations, it is possible to still obtain auto insurance coverage despite having a horrible driving record. You may have to pay substantially higher rates until your driving record has had time to improve. If you’re seeking a new insurance provider and an Easton, MD resident, call us at Ashley Insurance. At Ashley Insurance, we might be the insurance agency you’ve been looking for that can provide coverage regardless of your driving record.