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Flood Insurance in Maryland

While floods may not instill the same level of fear as other natural disasters, they can wreak havoc by inundating our homes and possessions with inches or even feet of water. Protect yourself from these potential damages by understanding the importance of flood insurance in Maryland with Ashley Insurance.

Why is Flood Insurance Necessary and How Does it Differ from Homeowners Insurance?

Don't assume that your homeowners insurance provides adequate coverage for flood-related damages. In fact, it often doesn't include flood protection at all. Many homeowners realize this unfortunate reality only after a flood has already devastated their cherished belongings. To bridge this gap in coverage, consult the experts at Ashley Insurance in Maryland. We can help you comprehensively review your homeowners insurance policy and identify the necessary flood insurance provisions.

Is FEMA Assistance Enough to Safeguard Against Flood-Related Losses?

While some believe that FEMA automatically covers flood damages, this is a misconception. FEMA aid is only accessible in the aftermath of a federal disaster declaration by the president. To ensure comprehensive protection, it is prudent to explore additional flood insurance options. Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Is Flood Insurance Necessary if I Don't Reside in a Maryland Flood Plain?

Absolutely! Even if your property is not situated within a designated flood plain, the risk of flooding still exists. Since floods are unpredictable events that can cause substantial harm, it is crucial to obtain flood insurance. It's far wiser to have insurance coverage and not need it than to find yourself in need without any protection.

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Visit Ashley Insurance in Maryland today to determine the appropriate level of flood insurance coverage for your home or rental property. Our knowledgeable insurance professionals are ready to assist you at any of our six convenient locations: Easton, Centreville, Denton, Greensboro, and Cambridge. Safeguard your assets with the right flood insurance policy.


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