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Life Insurance in Maryland

It’s not easy to talk about what happens after we are gone, but it is important to ensure our dependents are financially solvent when the time comes. Get reliable life insurance in Maryland at Ashley Insurance. We’ll take a look at your individual needs and customize a life insurance plan that is suited for you. Ashley Insurance wants to help you feel confident about your life insurance policy.

Types of Life Insurance

When seeking a life insurance company in Maryland, it’s vital to consider the different types of coverage that are available. Before sitting down with our agents, consider which category of life insurance you require: Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

This coverage is meant to last for a certain period of time. It can be a few years or over a decade. The beneficiaries will only receive death benefits if the insured passes away during this set amount of time. Ashley Insurance can tailor your term life insurance to your needs.

Permanent Life Insurance

Meant to span the entire lifetime of the insured, permanent life insurance builds up cash value over time. With this type of life insurance, you have the option to borrow against the money saved if necessary.

Group Life Insurance

Group Insurance Benefits

In addition to individual life insurance plans, Ashley Insurance also offers group insurance benefits for businesses in Maryland. Group insurance benefits provide coverage to a group of individuals, typically employees of a company or members of an organization. These plans can offer several advantages over individual policies.

By offering group insurance benefits, your business can attract and retain talented employees, enhance employee satisfaction, and provide peace of mind to your workforce and their families. Ashley Insurance understands the unique needs of businesses in Maryland and can assist in designing and implementing group insurance plans that align with your company's objectives.

What Is A Free Look Period?

After you purchase life insurance in Maryland, there is a “free look” period that lasts up to 10 days, during which you can make the decision to return the policy. This required period provides you with added assurance that you made the right choice.

Get Insured

If you are planning to acquire life insurance in Maryland, trust the experts at Ashley Insurance to help you get the plan that best suits your needs. To get set up with the best policy for your lifestyle, call 410-822-1900 or get a quote online today!


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