When to Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance is essential to financial planning, yet many in Easton, MD delay purchasing it. Understanding the right time to get life insurance can significantly affect your family’s financial security.


Combining finances with a spouse often means sharing debts and financial responsibilities. It also involves becoming jointly dependent upon each other. Life insurance can ensure the surviving spouse isn’t burdened financially in the event of a tragedy.


The arrival of children is perhaps the most critical time to assess your life insurance needs. It’s crucial to ensure that your children are financially protected and can afford care, education, and living expenses if you’re not around.


Buying a home in Easton, MD, usually involves a mortgage. Life insurance can help ensure your family can keep the home if you pass away unexpectedly. Reevaluate your coverage when you first buy and anytime you upgrade your house.

Career Advancement

As your career progresses and income increases, financial responsibilities and lifestyle costs tend to increase. Updating your life insurance policy to match your current standard of living and new income is essential.

Retirement Planning

Life insurance can be a tool for estate planning, providing tax-efficient ways to pass wealth to the next generation. Whether this is the right way to transfer wealth requires assessing your personal situation, which we at Ashley Insurance can help with.

Life Insurance That’s Right for You

Life insurance is not just about age but about life stages and responsibilities. As your life evolves, your insurance needs change as well. At Ashley Insurance, we understand the complexities of life insurance and can guide you through choosing the right policy for your stage in life. 

Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance: Tips for Parents

Adding A Teenager To Your Car Insurance

A New Road Of Opportunities

Teenagers reaching driving age is a major milestone, but insuring a teenage driver can also bring about significant changes to your auto insurance policy. Adding a teenager to your car insurance can be expensive due to their limited experience and higher risk factors. However, there are ways to make this transition smoother and more affordable. Let’s explore valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the world of auto insurance for teen drivers and don’t forget to reach out to an agent at Ashley Insurance when you’re ready to make a move.

1. Understand the Factors Affecting Teen Auto Insurance

  • Discuss the risk factors associated with insuring a teenage driver, including their limited experience and higher accident rates.
  • Explain how these factors influence insurance premiums.

2. Consider Your Policy Options

  • Explore policy options like adding your teen to your existing policy or purchasing a separate one.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts

  • Seek out common discounts available for insuring a teenage driver, such as good student discounts and driver’s education discounts.
  • Explain how these discounts can help reduce insurance costs.

4. Encourage Safe Driving Habits

  • Offer tips on promoting safe driving habits among your teen, including the importance of obeying traffic laws and avoiding distractions.

5. Choose the Right Vehicle

  • Explain how the type of vehicle your teen drives can impact insurance rates.
  • Offer guidance on selecting a safe and budget-friendly car.

6. Comparison Shopping

  • Emphasize the importance of shopping around for the best insurance rates.
  • Provide advice on how to effectively compare insurance quotes.

7. Set Clear Expectations:

  • Discuss the importance of setting clear rules and expectations for your teen driver.
  • Explain how adherence to these rules can positively affect insurance rates.

8. Monitor and Adjust

  • Stress the need to regularly monitor your teen’s driving habits and adjust your policy as needed.
  • Share insights on how your teen’s driving record can impact future insurance rates.
Insuring A Teenage Driver

Be Ahead of the Curve

As the parent of a teen driver, managing auto insurance costs from insuring a teenage driver can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By understanding the factors influencing insurance premiums, exploring your policy options, and encouraging safe driving habits, you can navigate the road to affordable auto insurance for your teen. Additionally, taking advantage of discounts, choosing the right vehicle, and practicing vigilant monitoring will help you keep both your young driver and your budget on the right track. Contact our trusted team at Ashley Insurance to learn more!

Ready to add your teen to your auto insurance? Get a no-obligation quote today!