Why You Need Boat Insurance

You know how much goes into boat ownership if you’re a boat owner. There’s a lot to do to take care of your boat. One of these is to get a boat insurance policy and keep it for as long as you own your boat. Getting a policy as soon as you buy your boat is a good idea. This policy will protect you as well as others. If you don’t yet have a boat policy, call us at Ashley Insurance in Easton, MD. 

Boating Accidents

Like auto accidents, boating accidents are common and can have devastating results. They can cost you massive amounts for the injuries and damages they cause. If you are judged at fault for a boat accident, you are responsible for all those costs plus expenses like lost wages and legal fees. All of this can be extremely difficult to handle financially. The best course of action is to have a boat insurance policy to pay these bills. Paying just the property damage and medical bills alone can be extremely expensive, and there may also be more bills to pay. When you have boat liability coverage, this will pay for an accident you caused, so you won’t have to.

Other Coverage

Like auto insurance, it’s essential to have liability coverage, but that isn’t the only type you need. There are also comprehensive and collision coverages for boats. Comprehensive coverage pays for the problems that happen out of the water. Collision pays for the damage done to your own boat in an accident. Getting both plus liability is the best way to stay protected. 

Get Boat Insurance

If you’re a boater, don’t go without this insurance. To get started, call us at Ashley Insurance in Easton, MD.