If You Live Far Away From a Body of Water do You Still Need Flood Insurance?

Understanding the flooding risks in your area is crucial for protecting your property. Even if you don’t live in an area where flooding occurs typically, that doesn’t mean you’re safe. If you’re interested in flood insurance, the experts at Ashley Insurance are ready to provide the residents of Easton, MD with the support and guidance they need to choose the best policy. 

Flood Insurance Protection

Some thought should always go into whether you need flood insurance. Settling a considerable distance from a waterway doesn’t make you any less vulnerable to flood threats. Whether residing near rivers, lakes, oceans, or anywhere else, there is a tendency for downpours or inadequate drainage systems, causing flooding in both inland and coastal areas. Lastly, changing climate patterns have led to more severe weather events on average, further contributing to the increase in flooding risk, which is no longer unique to high-risk areas.

The goal is to research the area’s flooding susceptibility and examine the threat posed to the specific location in question. A conversation with an expert about insurance premiums or risk assessments will be a great way to educate yourself on whether flood insurance is required to save your property and assets. The best policy is to always prepare before the crisis arises since fighting the aftermath of an incident is usually hard to manage. 

Flood Insurance Near Easton, MD

If you want the peace of mind you deserve, contact our team at Ashley Insurance to help you find the right policy. We take pride in delivering superior customer service to the residents of and around the Easton, MD, area. Please call or stop by our office to get started. 

Can You Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy from Ashley Insurance

The Role of Multiple Life Insurance Policies in Comprehensive Financial Planning

Life insurance constitutes a critical part of financial planning, functioning as a safety net for dependents in the face of untimely misfortunes. At Ashley Insurance in Easton, MD, we often encounter queries regarding the feasibility and logic behind holding more than one policy.

The Feasibility and Benefits of Multiple Life Insurance Policies

Yes, it is not only possible but sometimes advantageous to possess more than one life insurance policy. Acquiring multiple policies can provide increased coverage and financial protection for your dependents. If one policy fails to provide an adequate death benefit or if it lacks other benefits you desire, an additional policy could fill in these voids.

Additional Benefits and Flexibility

Holding multiple policies can also present flexibility in terms of beneficiary designations and distribution of funds. It enables different beneficiaries to be assigned for each policy or specific expenses or requirements to be catered to by fund allocations from separate policies. However, it’s essential to carefully review your unique circumstances and goals when considering multiple life insurance policies to ascertain alignment with your overarching financial plan and comprehensive protection for your loved ones.

Rely on Ashley Insurance for Tailored Life Insurance Solutions

At Ashley Insurance, we take immense pride in assisting clients in securing quality life insurance policies. Whether you require one policy or multiple, our team is here to guide you. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with an agent to discuss your life insurance needs and options.

Do You Legally Need Commercial Insurance?

Dealing with commercial insurance can be quite an investment, causing owners to ponder its worth. It’s important to see insurance as a safety net you wish not to use, but it is essential for those ‘just in case’ instances. True, it’s not entirely without its financial and time constraints.

Recognizing the Need for Business Protection

Undeniably, ask yourself if your business owns property that would be difficult to repair or replace. This includes assets such as inventory, vehicles, computers, and other technical equipment. If the worth of these assets is in the ten-thousand-dollar range, commercial insurance becomes a must-have necessity.

Litigation Concerns

Also, consider the implications of potential legal action against your business. For instance, if you own a particular property where someone could get injured, sell items that could be defective or harmful, or experience a data breach, a lawsuit could ensue. Commercial insurance would cover you in these circumstances and reduce the risk of your business falling under financial stress due to unfortunate events.

Determining the Insurance You Need

If you employ personnel, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance. General liability insurance covers any injuries that occur on your property. It’s also worth considering professional liability insurance to mitigate legal complications.

Business Insurance Solutions at Ashley Insurance in Easton, MD

If you’re a business owner in Easton, MD, and considering commercial insurance, don’t hesitate to contact Ashley Insurance. Our courteous, experienced agents are here to assist you in finding just the right policy for your business needs.

Can I Get Auto Insurance Coverage with My Horrible Driving Record?

Whether you have a horrible driving record because you’ve been involved in multiple car accidents, you’ve had several citations, or even a DWI, you likely still need to drive to get to and from work and school. Having a bad driving record in Easton, MD can leave many people without options, and you might be wondering if you can get auto insurance with a horrible driving record. 

Is Your Driver’s License Still Valid?

Many people have embarrassing driving records but who can still obtain auto insurance coverage. As long as your driver’s license is still valid, an insurance agency will provide you with coverage. Coverage for people with several points can be expensive, especially if you’ve had a DWI. 

The Driver Improvement Program

The state of Maryland offers a driver improvement program for eligible individuals. This program allows you to take a course, and upon completion, points will be removed from your driving record. If your driver’s license is invalid due to too many points, you might want to contact your local DMV to inquire about this program if it hasn’t been offered. If you’re eligible for the program and you’re able to have some points removed, you’ll be required to pay certain fines and fees to have your driver’s license reinstated. 

As you can see, in some situations, it is possible to still obtain auto insurance coverage despite having a horrible driving record. You may have to pay substantially higher rates until your driving record has had time to improve. If you’re seeking a new insurance provider and an Easton, MD resident, call us at Ashley Insurance. At Ashley Insurance, we might be the insurance agency you’ve been looking for that can provide coverage regardless of your driving record. 

Boat Upgrades That May Require More Coverage

Adequate insurance coverage is essential when operating your watercraft. If you have chosen some upgrades for your boat, learn how these modifications may require increased coverage. Then, contact a representative of Ashley Insurance to assist with preparing your insurance policy.

Boat Insurance 

Boat insurance is a type of recreational insurance. It protects a watercraft from damage, vandalism, and burglaries. An individual liability policy will prevent you from incurring costs resulting from a boating accident that was your fault. A comprehensive policy will cover repairs to your boat and any other watercraft involved in an accident with your boat.

New Storage

How you store your boat could influence the type of boat insurance policy you need. Take note of the storage type, plus the location where you store your boat. You will need to supply this information when you speak to an agent who serves Easton, MD.

Modern Lighting

Modern lighting will increase visibility while you are using your watercraft. New lighting could make your boat easier to operate. It may also lessen the possibility of you being involved in a boating accident. After new lighting is installed, the upgrades could influence the type of insurance coverage you need.

Advanced Security

Alarm systems, surveillance equipment, and GPS trackers secure your boat care. Security advancements may qualify you for a discount on your boat insurance policy. 

Contact Ashley Insurance

Whenever you have changes made to your boat, they need to be reported to an agent who serves Easton, MD. By consulting with one of our agents who represent Ashley Insurance, you can obtain the specific type of insurance coverage you need while operating your watercraft.

What To Do After An Accident: A Guide

No one plans for an accident, but being prepared for the unexpected can be absolutely crucial. At Ashley Insurance, we understand the stress that follows a car accident. Here’s your comprehensive guide on what to do after a car accident to ensure your safety and protect your interests.

1. Prioritize Safety First:

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, the situation can be overwhelming. Begin by prioritizing the safety of everyone involved, attempting to move your vehicle to a secure location if possible. Activate your hazard lights and deploy warning triangles, if accessible. In cases of severe injuries, promptly dial emergency services for immediate assistance.

2. Report the Accident:

Contact local law enforcement to report the accident. Having an official record is crucial for insurance claims. Provide accurate details to the police, and obtain a copy of the accident report for your records.

3. Document the Scene:

If possible, capture photos and videos of the accident scene. Document vehicle damage, license plates, street signs, and any contributing factors. This visual evidence can be invaluable during the claims process.

4. Exchange Insurance Information:

All involved should exchange contact and insurance information. Collect names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company names, and policy numbers. Share your details as well, ensuring transparency for all parties.

5. Be Mindful of What You Say:

In the event of an accident, avoid admitting guilt or fault. Stick to factual information when interacting with other parties, witnesses, or law enforcement. Anything said at the scene may impact the claims process.

6. Seek Medical Attention:

Even if injuries seem minor, seek medical attention promptly. Some injuries may not manifest immediately. Keep records of medical visits, prescriptions, and any recommended follow-up care.

7. Notify Your Insurance Company:

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident. Make sure you provide them with accurate details and cooperate fully with their investigation. Prompt reporting helps expedite the claims process.

8. Consult with Ashley Insurance:

Your next call should be to Ashley Insurance. Our experienced insurance agents will attentively guide you through the claims process. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and ensure you receive the support you need.

9. Follow-Up on Your Claim:

Stay up-to-date on the progress of your claim. Provide any requested documentation promptly and follow up with your insurance adjuster. Open communication ensures a smoother resolution.

10. Know Your Rights If Injured:

If you’ve sustained injuries, consult with legal professionals to understand your rights. Personal injury claims may be necessary to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Navigating the Aftermath with Confidence

No one anticipates a car accident, but knowing what to do after a car accident empowers you to navigate the aftermath with confidence. Ashley Insurance is here to provide support, ensuring you receive the care and coverage you deserve. Remember, in times of uncertainty, Ashley Insurance is your trusted partner. Get a quote today!

The Complexities of Flood Zones

Ashley Insurance provides Easton, MD, residents and those in the surrounding area with excellent insurance options, including flood protection. Are you at risk if you live in this area? Let’s find out by looking deeply at the complex nature of flood zones.

Flood Zones Dictate Your Risk 

Every area of the country, including Easton, is classed in various types of flood zones. Most regions are safe, meaning you probably don’t need flood insurance. However, your risk of floods may vary and cause a higher danger of floods in some regions.

Risk Influences Insurance 

Even in areas of low risk, you might need flood insurance to keep yourself safe. After all, there’s always the danger of floods occurring without expectation, such as if a dam bursts. Your insurance needs and costs will vary depending on this risk, so keep yourself updated.

Insurance Keeps You Safe

Flood insurance provides a variety of protection types that can minimize your danger and keep you safe. As a result, it’s critical to understand your coverage and to take steps to choose based on your risk. Just a few ways that flood insurance can help you include how it:

  • Covers all the repairs to damaged areas of your home, such as impacted foundations and wells
  • Pays to replace items that you lost during the flood, including electronic devices 
  • It helps you with temporary relocation when your family needs to leave your home 

How to Discover Your Insurance Needs

If you’re curious about your flood insurance needs and unsure if you’re at risk, contact us today at Ashley Insurance to learn more. Easton, MD, has areas where floods are a real risk, so working with us can help you gauge your danger and ensure you choose a strong policy.

Winter Driving Safety: Navigating Cold Weather

Winter Driving Tips

Winter brings with it a set of challenges, especially when it comes to hitting the road. At Ashley Insurance, we understand the importance of Winter driving safety, ensuring you stay safe and secure during cold weather journeys.

Driving on Icy Roads and in Snow

Navigating icy roads and snowy conditions demands extra caution. Slow down, increase your following distance, and avoid sudden movements. Gentle turns and gradual stops can help you maintain control. Ensure your headlights are on to improve visibility, and be mindful of black ice, a common but nearly invisible hazard.

Preparing Your Car for the Cold

1. Tire Check:

Ensure your tires have suitable tread depth for better traction. Consider switching to winter tires designed for cold conditions.

2. Battery Health:

Cold weather can be rough on your vehicle’s battery. Check its health and replace it if needed to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

3. Fluid Levels:

Ensure your car’s fluids, including oil, windshield wiper fluid, and antifreeze, are at the recommended levels for optimal performance in the cold.

4. Wipers and Lights:

Replace worn-out wiper blades and ensure all lights are functional. Proper visibility is crucial during winter driving.

Driving in Sleet: A Unique Challenge

Sleet can be particularly tricky to navigate. Reduce your speed and avoid sudden movements. Use extra caution when braking, as sleet can create slippery conditions. If possible, delay travel until road crews have treated the surfaces.

Driving on Icy Roads

Insurance for Winter Peace of Mind

No matter how prepared you are, winter driving always carries some risk. Having comprehensive auto insurance from Ashley Insurance ensures you have the protection you need. In the event of an accident or unforeseen circumstance, you can drive with confidence knowing you’re covered.

When to Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance is essential to financial planning, yet many in Easton, MD delay purchasing it. Understanding the right time to get life insurance can significantly affect your family’s financial security.


Combining finances with a spouse often means sharing debts and financial responsibilities. It also involves becoming jointly dependent upon each other. Life insurance can ensure the surviving spouse isn’t burdened financially in the event of a tragedy.


The arrival of children is perhaps the most critical time to assess your life insurance needs. It’s crucial to ensure that your children are financially protected and can afford care, education, and living expenses if you’re not around.


Buying a home in Easton, MD, usually involves a mortgage. Life insurance can help ensure your family can keep the home if you pass away unexpectedly. Reevaluate your coverage when you first buy and anytime you upgrade your house.

Career Advancement

As your career progresses and income increases, financial responsibilities and lifestyle costs tend to increase. Updating your life insurance policy to match your current standard of living and new income is essential.

Retirement Planning

Life insurance can be a tool for estate planning, providing tax-efficient ways to pass wealth to the next generation. Whether this is the right way to transfer wealth requires assessing your personal situation, which we at Ashley Insurance can help with.

Life Insurance That’s Right for You

Life insurance is not just about age but about life stages and responsibilities. As your life evolves, your insurance needs change as well. At Ashley Insurance, we understand the complexities of life insurance and can guide you through choosing the right policy for your stage in life. 

Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance: Tips for Parents

Adding A Teenager To Your Car Insurance

A New Road Of Opportunities

Teenagers reaching driving age is a major milestone, but insuring a teenage driver can also bring about significant changes to your auto insurance policy. Adding a teenager to your car insurance can be expensive due to their limited experience and higher risk factors. However, there are ways to make this transition smoother and more affordable. Let’s explore valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the world of auto insurance for teen drivers and don’t forget to reach out to an agent at Ashley Insurance when you’re ready to make a move.

1. Understand the Factors Affecting Teen Auto Insurance

  • Discuss the risk factors associated with insuring a teenage driver, including their limited experience and higher accident rates.
  • Explain how these factors influence insurance premiums.

2. Consider Your Policy Options

  • Explore policy options like adding your teen to your existing policy or purchasing a separate one.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts

  • Seek out common discounts available for insuring a teenage driver, such as good student discounts and driver’s education discounts.
  • Explain how these discounts can help reduce insurance costs.

4. Encourage Safe Driving Habits

  • Offer tips on promoting safe driving habits among your teen, including the importance of obeying traffic laws and avoiding distractions.

5. Choose the Right Vehicle

  • Explain how the type of vehicle your teen drives can impact insurance rates.
  • Offer guidance on selecting a safe and budget-friendly car.

6. Comparison Shopping

  • Emphasize the importance of shopping around for the best insurance rates.
  • Provide advice on how to effectively compare insurance quotes.

7. Set Clear Expectations:

  • Discuss the importance of setting clear rules and expectations for your teen driver.
  • Explain how adherence to these rules can positively affect insurance rates.

8. Monitor and Adjust

  • Stress the need to regularly monitor your teen’s driving habits and adjust your policy as needed.
  • Share insights on how your teen’s driving record can impact future insurance rates.
Insuring A Teenage Driver

Be Ahead of the Curve

As the parent of a teen driver, managing auto insurance costs from insuring a teenage driver can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By understanding the factors influencing insurance premiums, exploring your policy options, and encouraging safe driving habits, you can navigate the road to affordable auto insurance for your teen. Additionally, taking advantage of discounts, choosing the right vehicle, and practicing vigilant monitoring will help you keep both your young driver and your budget on the right track. Contact our trusted team at Ashley Insurance to learn more!

Ready to add your teen to your auto insurance? Get a no-obligation quote today!