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Renters Insurance in Maryland

Renters in Maryland have chosen a lovely state to call home. Whether you are renting a house or an apartment you may be asking yourself if renter’s insurance is something that you should have. When you are a homeowner with a mortgage, you don't have a choice about insurance coverage but when you are a renter, you are in charge. Talking to our helpful agents at Ashley Insurance can make the benefits of renter’s insurance clear and answer all of your questions.

As a renter, probably assume that your landlord has insurance and that will also cover you. That is only true about the things that belong to the landlord such as the walls, the roof, floors, porches and appliances that come with the rental property. Your personal property is not covered in your landlord's policy. You may think that you don't have a lot of assets but when you think about all your clothing, jewelry, electronics and furniture, it could be thousands of dollars for you to replace them. A renter’s policy protects your personal property at home and also when you are away.

Liability insurance can protect you against legal action. If someone is hurt on the property that you are renting, they may decide to sue for the medical expenses and any pain and suffering they have gone through. Liability insurance helps to defray the legal cost of litigation. Having a pet also may leave you open to legal action against you. Like homeowner insurance. renter insurance covers a few different perils but one important coverage you need to be sure you have is living expenses in the event the place you are renting becomes uninhabitable.

Maryland enjoys a beautiful location of the eastern seaboard and with that location comes lots of weather perils. Why not give our experienced staff at Ashley Insurance the opportunity to talk to you about what renters insurance can do you and give you a no-obligation quote. You can stop by one of our offices or give us a call, we are here to help. We are located in Easton, Centreville, Denton, Greensboro, and Cambridge.

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