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Life Insurance in Maryland

The primary purpose of acquiring life insurance is to ensure that your dependents are financially solvent once you are gone. This level of need differs for each individual and can be customized with the help of the right insurance agency.

Honing in on the right policy can be intimidating because of the variables involved, which is why we at Ashely Insurance are passionate about helping you. Our agents have the expertise you need to feel confident about the policy you choose, starting with a breakdown of the types of insurance you can acquire. Overall, life insurance can be categorized as either Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance is meant to last for a certain amount of time, whether that is for a few years or over a decade. In order for the beneficiaries to receive death benefits, the insured must have passed on during this set amount of time. Also, term life insurance does not usually build up monetary value.

If you are interested in term life insurance, there are several options that can be tailored to your needs in Maryland.

Permanent Life Insurance is meant to last the entire lifetime of the insured and is set up to build cash value over time. This type of insurance gives you the option to borrow against the money saved if needed.

Free Look Period

In Maryland, there is a “free look” period for up to 10 days after signing your life insurance policy, in which you can decide to return the policy. This requirement gives you the assurance that you have made the right choice.

Whether you are beginning your search for life insurance or deciding between different types, our agents at Ashley Insurance will give you the personal attention you deserve; setting you up with the best policy is our goal. Call us or visit one of our six locations in Easton, Centreville, Denton, Greensboro, or Cambridge to learn more!

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