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Flood Insurance in Maryland

Typically, floods are not the scariest natural disasters. Consistent and constant rainstorms can cause inches and even feet of water to stand in the most inconvenient places. While this does not usually hurt people, it can cause some serious damage to our homes and belongings. Let Ashley Insurance in Maryland help you better understand why you might need flood insurance.

What does flood insurance cover that homeowner's insurance does not?

Often, homeowner's insurance does not even include the flood coverage that flood insurance would provide. Many people assume that homeowner's insurance is a catch-all for any sort of problem that a home will potentially incur. Unfortunately, they do not realize this until after a flood has damaged their valuables and sentimental objects. When in doubt, it is smart to look over your homeowner's insurance policy with a professional, like those at Ashley Insurance, about how to properly fill the gaps in your coverage.

Does FEMA not cover all that I would need for flood protection?

Many people also assume that flood damage is automatically covered by FEMA. However, FEMA assistance is only covered once a flooding incident is considered a federal disaster by the president. Again, just look into getting extra protection in the event of a flood. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

What if I do not live in a flood plain?

You can still get flood insurance, and you should still buy flood insurance. Floods are not expected disasters, and there are few ways to prevent damage once they occur. It is important to have insurance and hope that you do not need to use it, instead of needing flood insurance and not having it.

Come and see the insurance professionals at Ashley Insurance in one of our six Maryland located offices to determine what type of flood insurance coverage your home or the rental property might need, today. For your convenience, we are located in the following locations: Easton, Centreville, Denton, Greensboro, and Cambridge.

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